About me


I am Richard Zilahi. Originally from Hungary 🇭🇺, but working and living in Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮 for a while now.

I like to be involved in several things. Being a senior fullstack developer fill most of my day, but I am also a board member of FME, (Hungarians in Finland assosiation), as well as being involved in research projects at ELTE University, Faculty of Computer Science.

I like writing blogpost, though this is something I have less time recently than I wish, still trying to come up interesting stuff to write about every now and then.

I am interested in meetups, trying to visit some that fits into my interest, includig React Helsinki, and Wordpress Helsinki, where I gave some presentations.

I am having a podcast, with 2 fellow Hungarians, in which we talk about our life in Finland. It's in hungarian, sorry. 🎧

I have a dog, Pablo, a tiny little pug.

Also, I am a huge content consumer on Netflix. 🙈